Public toilet takeaway

Duff Street public toilets, image from Google Street View

Will the former Duff Street public convenience become a public inconvenience with plans submitted to Aberdeenshire Council this week?

The controversial application to turn the former public toilets on Duff Street in to a hot food takeaway has been re submitted to Aberdeenshire Council.

Aberdeenshire Council planning application APP/2015/2230 shows that the 28 square metre property, which is currently showing as ‘under offer’ on Aberdeenshire Council’s website, is again being proposed as a suitable location for a takeaway food outlet.

The previous application for changing the use of this building was refused in December 2014, Aberdeenshire Council refused the application on the grounds of

Layout, siting and design of new development, because the proposed site was not appropriate for the development due to road safety concerns and the negative impact that the development would have on the amenity of the surrounding residents.

Other than a change of architect there is little difference between the 2014 application and the current application.

Plans for a hot food takeaway in the former Duff St public toilets

Interurban Developments Ltd have also put in a second planning application for the site, to demolish the current building and replace it with a dwelling house.

The one bedroomed, combined kitchen/diner/living room property will have no outside space, no parking and according the the application form, any potential resident will also be required to keep their waste / wheelie bin within the property until collection day.

Proposed plans for dwelling house on Duff St Turriff
Plans to turn the Duff St public toilets in to a dwelling house

This application will also see the building line of the property move forward to match that of the property next door, in effect narrowing the pavement, which is currently used as a passing place by pedestrians, on this very busy road.

Members of the public can make representations for or against either of these applications by clicking on the links below

Takeaway proposal

House proposal

Do you think that this site should be redeveloped commercially or residentially?

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