Apple scam Email warning


We have been made aware of a scam Email being sent, the mail appears to come from Apple informing you that you have just purchased an app and providing a link to cancel the purchase.

The version we have seen refers to the TomTom sat nav app, but the scam mail could name any app. The mail contains a link to a cancellation form which asks you to provide bank account details so you can be refunded for the purchase.

The text of the scam mails vary but is similar to

You’ve bought a program “TomTom” from the Apple Store.
It may take a few moments for this transaction to appear in your account.

If you have not approve this charge, log in as soon as possible to cancel the payment!

Apple Store Transaction Cancellation Form

When the payment will be canceled you will get a full refund.

Apple Store United Kingdom

Apple will never send you a mail allowing you to cancel or asking you to provide bank detials for a refund.

Remember you should never click on links in unsolicited mails.

Citizens Advice Scotland provides useful information about avoiding online & Email scams. You can find their information here.

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